The Goedverwacht FireWise Communitiy

There are four communities that operate under a different model where only the committee members get a stipend. They are typically small communities where none of the community is employed, and there are no teams. People themselves must do the work, for their own benefit. It is very different to the FireWise Community Works Model, and there is a lot of potential for further development. It is far more a volunteer model rather than a community works model. They are also functioning at a much smaller scale of maximum 10 people per committee, as opposed to the 70 participants community works programme.

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“The FireWise programme has helped us a lot. We believe the door to door awareness campaign is our biggest success.

We also benefitted greatly in other aspects. Emergency services do not know where to go when they are dispatched. In our community, we have no street names or house numbers. Those things we have to manage ourselves. Our nearest fire brigade service is 30 minutes away from us.

We had to do something.

So, we started asking for donations for paint and we work with the school a lot so they gave us some paint and brushes.

We started painting street names and house numbers which are much more visible. Every year we have to touch this up again.” – Henry Benjamin




“For our vegetable garden, we had to find land. We do not own land. It belongs to our church – we are a Moravian church community. We struggled a lot. We then appealed at the Department of Agriculture; we got R100 000 from them. We also got shovels, a wendy shed and fences for our vegetable garden, because we are relying on funding to keep it going. We also need funding to keep it going. We are trying to do subsistence farming.” – Whelita January


In the event that FireWise should end, we can now, after the project, still go forward.” – Whelita January




“We are in process of registering ourselves as a nonprofit organisation. It is a long process, but the papers were submitted and after months of waiting, we finally heard back and are in process of setting ourselves up as an NPO. So, if the funding should end, Goedverwacht’s FireWise programme will not end.” – Whelita January