Our team is highly skilled, experienced passionate about the work that we do. We recognise that our success as a nonprofit company depends upon the commitment, performance and aptitude of the people that comprise this team. As a result, staff training, exposure to new concepts and situations, and succession planning are embedded within the LANDWORKS™ culture.


LANDWORKS™ has a long history of strong partnerships with organisations from a wide range of backgrounds, from across the world.

The benefits of partnerships include the sharing of ideas, expertise and knowledge, and the sharing of responsibilities in communication, fire protection and prevention.

We work in close association with government departments, conservation agencies, local and district municipalities, businesses, community leaders and members, fire protection associations and other fire interest groups. All our projects are implemented with input and participation from partners and stakeholders.

LANDWORKS™ has been implementing projects on behalf of and funded by the South African National Department of Environmental Affairs’ Natural Resource Management programme. This includes the Firewise Communities Programme and the FynbosFire project.

The South African Firewise Communities Programme is based on principles originally developed for the Firewise USA™ Program by the National Fire Protection Association®. We continue to work with them on collaborative community engagement and research.

In 2012, LANDWORKS™ began implementing the FynbosFire project on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme and the South African National Department of Environmental Affairs, through funding from the Global Environment Facility’s Special Climate Change Fund.