Invasive alien plants are one of the biggest threats to the health of our strategic water source areas, thus jeopardising further water supply, and the biodiversity therein. They cause harm to the environment, the economy and even human health.

Managing invasive alien plants can help to prevent some of these negative impacts. As such, landowners are required by law to take necessary steps to control and eradicate alien plants on their land and prevent them from spreading.

This practical guide contains a detailed set of principles to provide land users (landowners, land managers, and contractors) in the Cape Floral Region with an overview of how to approach an invasive alien plant management programme. The handbook covers information on what alien plants are, relevant legislations around them, planning management operations, methods used, health and safety requirements, and how to successfully rehabilitate land that has been cleared.

While its focus is on the broader Cape Floral Region, it can also be adapted to local conditions and it gives useful pointers for where to find further information from numerous other sources.

Download the guide here: