This project aimed to design and test a nationally suitable, generic awareness campaign to address the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) risk, help people to identify risk exposures to fire and also teach them how to manage these risks.

In 2018 & 2019 LANDWORKS™ was appointed by the South African Insurance Association to conduct various Fire Risk Reduction projects across South Africa. 

The first project consisted of “pilot” awareness outreach in five communities to alert and sensitise people to the risk that wildfire poses to their lives, their communities and their properties, and to empower them to help reduce that risk.

This project aimed to design and test a nationally suitable, generic awareness campaign that addresses the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) risk, helps people to identify risk exposures to fire and also teaches them how to manage these risks

The project was implemented by means of a series of strategic public “information sharing” meetings and a one-day training course, facilitated by senior members of the LANDWORKS™ team – who are experienced in the successful implementation of effective fire prevention methodologies and community engagement initiatives.

The campaign shared knowledge about the prevention of unwanted fire and demonstrated to communities in these five vulnerable areas how to identify risk and reduce risks, thereby minimising the possibility of fire from harming them, their families and destroying their property. It also touched on how people can reduce financial risk by incorporating aspects of consumer financial education into the campaign.

The success of the campaign in the pilot project areas of Swellendam, Knysna, Kranskop, (Western Cape), Richmond (KZN) and Matatiele (Eastern Cape) was measured by the communities’ being able to demonstrate that they now are:


– more aware of the risk of unwanted fire

– feeling empowered to reduce the risk they face from unwanted fire

– aware as a community that they can work together to prevent losses from unwanted fire

LANDWORKS™ produced an informative, easy-to-use poster incorporating all of the major risk reduction aspects, which can be downloaded here.

The 2019 project focused on educating and empowering homeowners about fire risk reduction.

The first initiative was aimed at people in rural areas of KZN, and a training video was produced which explained the basics of Fire Risk and then showed, step by step, how home-owners could identify high-risk issues and what to do to minimise or reduce the risk. The training video was launched in Nhlazuka and Manguzi at the end of 2019.

The second initiative was a social media awareness campaign aimed at higher LSM households in the Greater Overberg District Municipality, via the Great Overberg Fire Protection Association. The campaign kicked off in September 2019, for a 3-month period leading up to the Summer Fire Season. 62,962 individuals were reached on social media and 2,914 of these individuals actively engaged with the campaign posts.

Understanding the Fire Environment

Weather influences are the most unpredictable and the quickest to change. Weather aspects that have a direct effect on fires are wind, moisture (soil and ambient), air stability and temperature. The current weather conditions in combination with those of the last several days will also have an effect on fire behaviour.

Topography includes surface features such as slope, aspect and elevation (height above sea level), which can influence fire to change its behaviour as it advances through the landscape.

Weather and topography can’t be altered, but fuels can be modified. The type of fuel determines the intensity of a potential fire and influences the rate at which it spreads. Veld and forest fuels are divided into two main groups: light or fast-burning fuels and heavy or slow-burning fuels. Buildings (homes, barns, sheds, commercial buildings etc.) are a third fuel type.


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Fire Risk Reduction for your home

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