1. Handbook

A Guide to Integrated Fire Management

2. Poster: Assess the risk to your home

An A4 poster with helpful fire safety tips.

3. Poster: Fire - friend or enemy

This colourful poster makes an excellent teacher aid in conveying the message of fire awareness to learners. It is aimed at schools but can also be used in the broader community like clinics as it is self-explanatory.

4. Booklet: You, wildfires and the law

An illustrated A6 booklet by environmental lawyer David Waddilove which details in an easy to understand way:

  • How does the law deal with wildfires
  • What are the legal duties regarding wildfire prevention
  • Requirements for firebreaks
  • What is the danger rating system
  • Fire protection association requirements and duties
  • Fire management plans
  • What is Working on Fire

5. Board game: Firewise Snakes and Ladders and Around SA

A fun and accessible way for school children (and their teachers and parents/caregivers) to learn the differences between good and bad fire behaviour.

6. Technical Chart: National Fire Danger Index rating system

A comprehensive breakdown of the national Fire Danger Index rating (FDI) system produced in full colour in A4 size. An extended technical version is also available giving the FDI alignment chart; the FDI rainfall correction factor and a step by step calculation procedure for FDI calculation.

7. Book: The friends of veld and forest schools programme

Student and teacher guides.

8. Leaflet: Fire season is coming

A4 folded to A6 leaflet to assess if your community is fire wise.

9. Street-pole posters: Be firewise

A0 sized street-pole posters available in 3 sets per language. Each poster has a short but powerful message. Ideally used pre and during fire season for motorists and general public making them aware to be cautious of their actions in the fire prone area.

10. Brochure: Firescaping your garden

Firewise has recently produced this handy leaflet aimed at landowners and gardeners alike. This colourful leaflet is printed on both sides. One side shows you how to fireproof your garden by planting indigenous “fire-resistant” plants, giving you an image and description of plants recommended. While the reverse explains ladder fuels and what you can do to fire-proof your garden and home.

11. How to build a defensible space around your home

A defensible space protects your home from ember attacks and firebrands and surface- and crown fires. 







Fire Protection Association Tools