6_Strong ties in the dry seasonThe Greater Cederberg FPA (GCFPA) partnered with the West Coast District Municipality (WCDM) when Fire Chief Bertus Senekal was elected as chairman of the FPA at their 2015 Annual General Meeting.

WCDM is an important partner, especially during the fire season, serving as a strong liaison when the going gets tough. The WCDM offers various services that are beneficial to the GCFPA, which helps a great deal when the FPA performs certain tasks on behalf of its members.

One such advantage is assistance from WCDM Fire and Rescue’s side during prescribed burn operations, helping to prevent these fires from burning out of control.

Being an FPA member has a range of benefits. A burning permit, for instance, can be obtained more easily when applying as member of an FPA. Membership with an FPA usually implies that all safety measures will be in place, provided that the landowner implements the business plans drawn up by the local FPA. In this case, the result is improved coordination between WCDM, GCFPA and the landowner.

Support from the WCDM also ensures a more professional service delivery with trained personnel, specialised gear and suitably equipped vehicles.

WCDM Fire and Rescue Service is currently in the process of conducting audits before the new fire season starts. These audits are first executed on the properties of FPA members, whereafter they continue on to the properties of non-members. It will help landowners to take better safety precautions in terms of their structures and offers advice on how to create a fire safe environment during fire fighting episodes.