“When one of the community’s houses burns down, we all feel it in the community. Because if one house burns, it could just as well have been mine.”

“I am a resident of Sir Lowry’s Pass. Before I started working for FireWise, I was a volunteer. Before FireWise was here, there were many fires and fatalities.”


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“The fire brigade are more at ease when they see FireWise. Because we make sure to help them to put out the fire and we stay until the fire is completely extinguished. As FireWise we are also there to help the family rebuild.”


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“I think it is so important to begin with the children, because they take the message back home. ‘Phone the fire brigade’. We also spread awareness. ‘Tell mom and dad to make two exits at home’. If there’s a fire and the one is blocked, they can get out the other.


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“At the school, we have a vegetable garden that we work in, plant in, and when the vegetables are ready to be harvested, we give them to the school. The food is then given out to the children.”


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.47.26 PM“I can say with pride that our community is a cleaner place. Our community is safer. I have learned to serve the community, to protect it, and to be an example to the community”.  – Kevin Paulse, Sir Lowry’s Pass FireWise Community Secretary