IMG_2088The Kishugu Public Benefit Organisation takes great pride in working with local communities towards a greater purpose. We strongly encourage community initiatives and support the use of local products that are sustainably made of natural elements.


A heartwarming story of how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure unfolded when, what started off as an experiment, has since grown into a small business for artisan and carpenter Henry Benjamin.

During the assembly of the FPA Manager’s Toolkit, a one-stop-shop and communication tool for integrated fire management practitioners countrywide – contained within a high quality canvas messenger bag – the need for locally produced wooden toggle buttons surfaced; all efforts of sourcing such a product proved futile.

The FynbosFire team decided to dig a little deeper and approached the Goedverwacht Voluntary FireWise Committee – to see if they would agree to experiment with alien plant material, to develop a concept button tailored to their needs.

Alien invasive plant material is removed as part of the FireWise Community’s fire prevention duties.

“We remove the alien vegetation because it is a fire risk in our community and depletes our natural water supplies,” says Henry.

Invasive woodlots are normally dried and then burnt on days when the fire danger index is low and it is safe to make an open fire.

Some of what had previously been burnt in an attempt to lessen fuel loads in the community is now repurposed and turned into profit – a much needed extra income for the Goedverwacht community.