“FireWise is our pillar. We want to thank FireWise for being in our community. It started in 2014 when FireWise came to our community, Jeppes Reef. They didn’t go straight to political parties. They went to tribal authorities, because they are the ones who know those who are in need. FireWise created job opportunities and gave us a better life.”


Jeppes reef map 1


“FireWise helps us with the removal of Invasive Alien Plants, to stop the spread of wildfires, reduce crime, and to make firebreaks. FireWise help the community to clean the graveyard. Helps people fetching water and burning woodlots. Also, the old age home. Fire awareness helps schools to understand the danger of fire.”


“So I can say, FireWise has helped everyone.” – Peaceful Nkosi, Jeppes Reef



“Our community at large will be very disappointed to hear if FireWise will no longer continue in our community.”