Firefighting course is a must

The Southern Cape and Greater Cederberg FPAs offer courses in basic firefighter training to landowners and their staff, and particpants say the courses are “a must”.

The one-day courses are subsided for FPA members, and teach the basics of firefighting. This includes communications during a fire, how fires behave under different weather conditions, how to use firefighting equipment, which clothing to wear when firefighting, and how to avoid huge damage that radiant heat can cause, among other essential information.

The training is offered in local areas, according to demand, and is one among many courses that the FPAs offer member.

“You can’t take inexperienced people to fight a fire, because that is when you lose lives,” said Bermon Verster, manager of Bellevue farm near Avontuur, who took about 30 workers on the course recently. “This course was extremely helpful. It’s a must.”

“This training helps you fight fires far more effectively, as well as ensuring workers’ safety,” said PW Steinberg, manager of Dreammaker farm in the Porterville mountains, whose staff also participated. “No landowner should go without this training.”