68 Participants are gathering from across South Africa this week to share their experiences of the last 5 years as part of the FireWise Communities Programme in South Africa.

We are excited to see how the programme has managed to change the lives of our participants.

Too often, the statistical boxes are checked but the real-life stories aren’t heard. In addition to the more technical programme outcomes, we are also here to uncover the ‘behind-the-scenes stories’ of what FireWise has meant to those at grass roots level, and how these experiences have brought on positive change in their communities.



We aim to uncover more about the following over the next 2 days:

  • What being part of the FireWise Programme meant to the participants personally.
  • How did FireWise positively contribute in community development and small business enterprises?
  • What was the programme’s impact on the fight against social problems such as crime, substance abuse and violence?
  • The challenges faced and how they overcame it.




The FireWise Communities SA initiative is based on interested and affected parties who work together to assess risk, and assist the community in reducing its risk and to protect itself against the loss of life and property, from fire.

Participants are trained in pro-active fire management, where they learn to prevent unwanted wildfire while making use of the beneficial effects of wildfire to improve and maintain natural assets such as grazing.


More information:


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