“As a community, we knew nothing about the risk of fire. Poverty stricken, the crime rate was high.”


“Our community had heavy vegetation. FireWise came along and identified that Louieville was indeed a serious problem.”

Louieville map 3


“FireWise helped us to come up with a management plan, identifying the problems. We formed a committee of involved stakeholders. We took young people from drug abuse on the streets and gave to them something keeping them busy day by day, to keep them from destroying themselves.”

“Our community today is better than yesterday.”


“We managed to reduce some of the things that endangered our lives. In most of the cases, wildfire is started by human behaviour. Now our community understands that.”



“Our community is so grateful for this project that brings change.”


“We are able to walk in clean streets. FireWise plays a vital role in our community because it is in fact the only programme in Louieville.” – Bongani Thabethe – Louieville