Eshowe FireWise Community

“It is better to prevent a disaster than to pay for it after it took place.” – Mvelo Xulu



Eshowe’s name is said to be inspired by the sound of wind blowing through the more than 4 km² of the indigenous Dlinza Forest, the most important and striking feature of the town.Wikipedia


“People will carry on destroying properties with fire. The problem is people’s attitudes with regards to fire. This is why FireWise needs to be all over South Africa.”



“In my community, I think it is very important. We have strong fires and there is a drought situation all over. At night, people have to wake up and try to go fight fires.”


“There are countless ways of starting a fire. By so doing and not having information on how to prevent the spread of accidental wildfire, they will just proceed to burn where it shouldn’t be burned. It destroys things.”



“I am standing here. My brother’s daughter and her 2-year-old child passed away after their shack was burnt flat. It kills people.”


“Now, we can put all stakeholders together – traditional leaders, agencies, SAPS – and establish the process to follow and investigate fires. We have started noticing that fire is not giving us the same problem that it used to be.”



“There are firebreaks in place. When a fire is started, everyone is now taking part and getting involved. It makes a big difference.”


“Because of awareness, you can see people now look at and arrange around their houses to make it more fire safe. There are designated areas for burning. Designated areas for paraffin. People are now aware of fire.”


“Now you see change.”  – Mvelo Xulu