“FireWise took this song to another level!” 


Umzi watsha, umzi watsha;

Khangela Phaya, khangela phaya;

Umlilo, umlilo;

Galela manzi, galela manzi.



There’s a fire, there’s a fire, over there over there.

Where’s the water, where’s the water, pour the water over the fire.


Nkau map 2


Through FireWise, we now have horse team working in the mountains.

Nkau Inkumani Horse team


We have ground teams clearing Invasive Alien Plants.


We have pre-schools.

Nkau Inkumani Horse team


People are provided with a stipend.

FireWise introduced carpentry for skills development.

FireWise helped to clear around our bases such as schools and clinics.

FireWise also assists us in basic firefighting training, First Aid, Health and Safety, life skills and HIV/AIDS training.


“If Government would recognise FireWise and come in during our annual budget speech for poverty alleviation, they will see that FireWise is doing WELL! “

– Mrs Nkau from the Nkau area, Queen’s Mercy