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Social media was thrown into frenzy when in March the much-publicised Cape Town fires became an international trend. Fuelled by even bigger fires in the outskirts – albeit less in the limelight – the public was glued to their smart devices following events as they unfolded.


Social networking skills to the test, FynbosFire, along with partnering FPAs Southern Cape, Greater Cederberg and Greater Overberg, jumped on the Twitter wagon informing and educating the public about the sensitive balance entwining fynbos and fire, and appreciating the importance for homeowners on the wildland urban interface to respectfully co-exist with indigenous flora.


Operational support officers tweeted away feeding fire danger alerts, updates about ongoing fires within FPA fire management units and fire safety tips to members and the general public.


During the month of March @FynbosFire made a whopping 56 600 impressions, attracting 1 774 visitors and was mentioned 50 times in the tweets of followers.


Moreover, a spread of articles published in traditional and online media as well as the re-launch of FynbosFire’s website – now a fully functional site reporting on the project’s whereabouts – shined light on the cause and efforts going into reducing wildland fire risk in response to climate change