LANDWORKS™ is an implementer of ecology driven, community-based solutions to distressed environments.

We work with people in their environment to sustainably rehabilitate natural ecosystems disrupted by fire, flooding, agriculture, and misuse.

Working with people in the landscape

We believe that informed local communities are key to managing their own environment, and that in-house skills training of rural communities is critical to the stewardship of particularly fire-prone landscapes.

We concentrate on prevention strategies under community-based fire management protocols, working effectively in rural areas with local communities and hand-in-hand with firefighting authorities in the agricultural and forestry sector. We are also critically aware that successful engagement with communities about ecosystem services, community-based fire management, climate change, land use and development is never straightforward.

Our interventions are specific, strategic, time consuming and require dedication. They are dependent on developing relationships built upon mutual trust, within the communities with whom we engage.

We continuously and consistently adapt our engagements to consciously deliver solutions to the needs of the people with whom we interact, following well-communicated strategies with deliverable objectives.

Our track record of success is proof that the methods we employ are well conceived, efficiently and timeously executed with measurable results.


Our highly trained professionals, versed in natural resource management, enterprise development and triple bottom line accounting, offer practical academic, scientific and hands-on expertise.

Project assessment and design

Strategy development

Project log frame development

Coordination, planning and reporting at community level

Project compliance with certified accounting and auditing practices

Ensuring compliance with legislation and policy (including corporate policy)

Monitoring and assessment of Annual Plans of Operations (APOs) for field activities

Monitoring and enforcement of standards and project performance

Donor and corporate investment matching

Identifying training, development and equipment needs


As a result of our success in embracing and implementing broader-than-wildfire related interventions, it became clear to us that a change of name in order to better describe the nature of our business and its culture, had become necessary.

Our company was founded in 1993 as a Section 21 Company (nonprofit company) in what was then the FFA (which subsequently became Kishugu).

As Firewise, we have shared the success of our strategies, in-field experiences and our people-centered approach to land-based environmental challenges locally and internationally for more than ten years.

A change of name in order to better describe the nature of our business and its culture had become necessary. After much deliberation, it became clear that LANDWORKS best encapsulated what we do.


A decade ago, Community Based Natural Resource Management and Community Based Fire Management were new fields of engagement.

While it was generally acknowledged that “top down” legal frameworks, policies and strategies were necessary for a coordinated response to matters of the environment, they were making no measurable impact.

In spite of the general public’s increased acceptance of climate change and global warming, little was understood about the impact of these phenomena on local environments, and what a difference local action can make.

Informed local communities are the key to managing their own environment. In recent years successful community and local stakeholder engagement has become the focus of LANDWORKS™.


At LANDWORKS™ our solutions are peer reviewed, globally informed and internationally relevant, particularly in the developing arena of expected impacts under conditions of climate change and global warming.

We share our successful people-centered approach to land-based challenges internationally. Global warming, land transformation and development affect people everywhere.

The likelihood of drought, fire and flood is increasing, as is an ever-growing world population that relies on the environment in which they live for their survival.

While our roots are in community-based fire management, we acknowledge fire as only one element, albeit a critical one, in landscape management. Many landscapes are fire adapted and fire dependent for regeneration. Land use dictates whether the role of fire is good or bad and how it should be managed.


Adaptability and innovation is part of our DNA. No two projects are ever the same!

We offer private sector companies, donor agencies and governments exactly what they want: transparent and accountable project management within a nonprofit company structure, advocacy, solid project design and hands-on project implementation, wherever that may be required.

Our three-year expansion strategy focuses on international growth, fundraising and partner matchmaking for the work that we do.

Given our expertise, our track record and the successes we have achieved, hand-in-hand with “our” communities, we believe that LANDWORKS™ is of and for its time.